Smol Kitter

Whatever your view about the privileged status of kitters and doggos on the World Wide Web, sometimes one of them appears irl and simply must be celebrated.

Bentley, whom my daughter-in-law rescued from an old barn, is one such kitter.

These pics are from when he was a very smol kitter, indeed.



Please right click and “open image in a new tab” for full effect!

All photos taken with a Nikon D810 in November, 2016.

copyright Gossamer Universe – All rights reserved.


2016 11 02 Baby Bentley Sleeps _6002 for printSmol Kitter Sleeps.


2016 11 01 Bentley 5932Smol Kitter Plays.


2016 11 02 Bentley Licking _6009Smol Kitter Cleans.


2016 11 02 Bentley 5860 warmerSmol Kitter Reaches out.

2016 11 02 Bentley 5927Very Smol Kitter Lights the Darkness.



2016 11 01 Bentley Explores_5876Smol Kitter Explores.


2016 11 02 Bentley 5969Smol Kitter Roars.


2016 11 02 Bentley 5857Smol Kitter Thinks.


2016 11 02 Bentley 5899Smol Kitter Wonders.


2016 11 01 Bentley Plays w Shannon_6012 FOR PRINTSmol Kitter Loves.


2016 11 02 Bentley Kisses Papa_5992Smol Kitter Kisses.


2016 11 02 Shannon and Bentley 5983Smol Kitter Feels Safe.


2016 11 02 Bentley 5873Smol Kitter.



Gossamer Universe. All rights reserved. 🙂


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