I take too many photos of all three of my grown sons.

Liam is a singer.

Once every year or two, I have access to him as a subject for several days at a time, in varied settings, while he shoots a music video. Any photographer will tell you what a joy this is -a subject captive for three days while engaged in a number of activities and moods.

So, I’m starting with him…


This is album art I created for his last iTunes release.

2016 08 27 Liam 5438 sweaty

In the dunes between takes.

2016 08 27 Liam 5419 in dunes photo good larger.jpg

2016 08 27 Liam at Pool for Undertow Shoot lightened HDR 5319

2016 08 27 Liam Long Shot Nice Structure 5141

2016 08 27 Liam 5284 glass


2016 08 27 Liam sharp 5144

My boy chillin’.


All photos taken with a Nikon D810. All rights reserved.

Gossamer Universe 2017.


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